New York State Civil Service Assistant Counsel (Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney - Quality Improvement) in Albany, New York

Minimum Qualifications

Ideal candidate will have a minimum of five (5) years of criminal defense experience. ## Duties Description The Assistant Counsel will assist in the implementation of the Hurrell-Harring v. New York settlement agreement (“HH settlement agreement”) undertaken by the Office of Indigent Legal Services (“Office”). The incumbent of this position will serve as HH Implementation Attorney – Quality Enhancement in the Office’s HH Implementation Unit and report to the Chief HH Implementation Attorney, who works under the guidance of the Director of the Office of Indigent Legal Services (“Director”) and agency Counsel (“Counsel”). The incumbent will be primarily responsible for implementation of the Quality Enhancement portion of the HH settlement agreement. The incumbent will work closely with three other subject area attorneys in the HH Implementation Unit; the HH Implementation Attorney – Eligibility Standards, HH Implementation Attorney – Caseload Standards and the HH Implementation Attorney – Counsel at First Appearance to satisfy the planning, investigatory and reporting provisions of the settlement agreement as undertaken by the Office and improve the quality of mandated representation under article 18-B of the County Law. All case-related information and knowledge obtained in the performance of these duties is highly confidential and may be subject to the attorney-client privilege.

Specific responsibilities also include:

  • Evaluates and monitors the quality of legal services provided in the counties named in the HH settlement agreement (“counties”) pursuant to article 18-B of the County Law.

  • Consults with the providers of legal representation and other responsible officials in the settlement counties in order to identify opportunities for enhancing the quality of representation provided under article 18-B of the County Law.

  • Assists in the development of written plans, in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement, for enhancing the quality of mandated representation of eligible criminal defendants.

  • Monitors the progress of counties toward achieving the goals enunciated in the written plans to enhance the quality of mandated representation, including developing regular, periodic reports in accordance with provisions of the settlement agreement

  • Makes recommendations to the Chief HH Implementation Attorney, Director and Counsel for improving the monitoring and reporting of progress made by the counties, including improving the quality of such indigent legal services in a cost-effective manner, by increasing the availability of necessary support or other services to improve the quality of representation.

  • Works with indigent legal service providers and county officials to develop support for the implementation of the settlement agreement, in order to achieve maximum quality enhancement and cost-effectiveness.

  • Undertakes such other activities as may be requested by the Director and Counsel in furtherance of the Office’s overall responsibility to implement the HH settlement agreement and make efforts to improve the quality of indigent legal services representation under article 18-B. ## Additional Comments Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity. ## Notes on Applying Please submit cover letter along with a clear and concise resume detailing how you meet the minimum qualifications for this position as listed in Specifics and indicate the Vacancy ID number for which you are applying.

Date Posted: 10/06/17

Applications Due: 11/10/17

Vacancy ID: 44316

Agency: Indigent Legal Services, Office of

Title: Assistant Counsel (Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney - Quality Improvement)

Occupational Category: Legal

Salary Grade: NS

Bargaining Unit: M/C - Management / Confidential (Unrepresented)

Salary Range: From $78000 to $100000 Annually

Employment Type: Full-Time

Appointment Type: Permanent

Jurisdictional Class: Exempt Class

Travel Percentage: 15%

Workweek: Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week: 37.5

From: 9 AM

To: 5 PM

Flextime allowed?: No

Mandatory overtime?: No

Compressed workweek allowed?: No

Telecommuting allowed?: No

County: Albany

City: Albany

State: NY

Zip Code: 12242

Name: Human Resources/JM/00015

Telephone: 518-473-5282

Fax: 518-486-1631

Email Address:

Street Address: Alfred E. Smith Building, 11th Floor

Street: NYS Office of General Services, HRM 40th Floor Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza