Sanofi Group Corporate Counsel, GBU DCV in Bridgewater, New Jersey


The position is based in Bridgewater, NJ and reports to the GBU DCV lawyer who is located in Bridgewater. As a business partner to the GBU DCV, he or she will contribute to all aspects of legal oversight and ensure provision of legal support to all projects driven by the GBU DCV, including identification of opportunities and risks based on the current and evolving legal framework. Such projects relate to Sanofi Diabetes & Cardiovascular product portfolio (commercialized and in development stage), including Sotagliflozine, Soliqua, Lixi and efpeglenatide in connection with the various agreements we have with Lexicon, Hamni and Zealand. The lawyer will also support biosimilars as well as projects in the field of Integrated Care (medical devices, services to patients, digital projects etc.). In addition, the lawyer will work with Global DCV teams in connection with the preparation of the worldwide launch of solutions developed in partnership with Onduo. The position will involve clients primarily located in Bridgewater and some in Paris and requires the management of transversal projects.

In his/her role, the GBU DCV lawyer will have to coordinate and cooperate with other members of the Sanofi Legal, Ethics and Business Integrity Department, in particular with Legal Operations colleagues (ie: notably in the US, Europe & JPAC), Legal BD and R&D, Legal Industrial Affairs, Legal for Alliance Management, etc.,and also with Legal IP, Corporate Legal to ensure that the GBU DCV teams receive adequate legal support and advice, depending on the type of expertise needed to support their activities. Through close cooperation with Region and Country lawyers, the role of the GBU DCV lawyer is to identify, as early as possible in the building phase of a project, potential country specific or more stringent regulations (in particular in the US and in the EU 5) to ensure that those projects are shaped in accordance with local requirements.

Working with the Ethics & Business Integrity Department, the GBU DCV Lawyer will ensure that the business activities meet the company policies/standards and should also contribute to strengthen/enhance the Sanofi legal positions, with the objective of protecting the company against risks of non-compliance.

Job Duties:

  • Ensure that the GBU DCV teams are kept abreast of relevant legal developments by coordinating the provision of legal counsel from across the Sanofi Legal, Ethics and Business Integrity department.

  • Drive, supervise or assist in contract negotiation related to the GBU DCV activities.

  • Contribute, through close cooperation with global marketing & medical, to the elaboration of global marketing campaigns, notably for new products with the objective of compliance with regulations while maintaining or gaining competitive advantage

  • Coordinate both offensive and defensive legal (or similar) actions with competitors in the field of drug advertising, in cooperation with country lawyers and other functions (marketing, medical, regulatory, etc.) to ensure consistency in the approach and share best practices across geographies.

  • Limit litigation risk exposure, including risk derived from activities with health care professionals, risks with respect to competition law, security law, data privacy laws, as well as inherent risks in new areas or markets for Sanofi (ie: services to patients, Medical Devices, Digital projects…) working closely with fellow lawyers and executives across Country, Regional, Corporate and IP teams.

  • Principal partners and/or clients will include all business teams of the DCV GBU activities; Business support, Communications, Regulatory, Project Management in R&D and commercial, Strategy, Alliance Management, IS, Finance, & Procurement. External partners include patients, patient associations, HCPs and service providers.

  • Management of transversal projects.

  • Some travel required –primarily to the EU.

Basic Qualifications:

  • JD from an ABA accredited law school

  • Minimum of 10+ years of pharmaceutical legal experience, preferably in a prior global / international role, providing practical & strategic advice on a broad range of issues.

  • Private practice and/or in-house experience counseling senior business leaders.

  • Licensed to practice law in New Jersey or be eligible for licensure as a registered in-house counsel.

  • Specific knowledge in business laws, competition laws, communication laws, including drug advertising, promotion, and regulatory matters.

The candidate must be able to work independently and at times in direct contact with business teams and other support functions and in close cooperation with other legal teams across regions, countries and functions in a transversal management role.

Personal and professional skills:

  • Highly motivated and performance driven individual striving to excel in fulfilling job responsibilities, delivering quality work and achieving desired results.

  • Strong project management and collaborative skills with both colleagues and clients; ability to lead projects including multidisciplinary meetings and resolve and close matters on a timely basis.

  • Desire to develop deep knowledge of Sanofi’s diabetes and CV products, as well as their competitive environment (including knowledge of scientific data)

  • Business oriented, problem solving and entrepreneurial with senior level competency in managing ambiguous issues and situations.

  • Adaptable, open to new ways of working and finding unique solutions to overcome business challenges.

  • Advanced communication and influencing skills

  • Ability to manage priorities

  • Proactive and able to function in both transversal and matrix organizations

  • A team player with the ability to build relationships and work in a dynamic and multi-cultural environment

  • Challenges his/herself in order to deliver even when it is not completely within his/her control.



Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets and Sanofi Genzyme.

At Sanofi, our ambition is to be an integrated global healthcare company, focused on patients’ needs. Much more than just a leading pharmaceutical company, Sanofi is committed to transforming scientific innovations into solutions and services that protect health, enhance life, and respond to the needs of the 7 billion people in the world. We trust our ambition to guide and inspire us as we work to create a future with optimal health and wellness for everyone.

Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets and Sanofi Genzyme.