Rushmore Loan Management Services VP, Associate General Counsel in Dallas, Texas


The Vice President, Associate General Counsel will have in-depth knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry as responsibilities include: preparing, reviewing and negotiating agreements, fees, schedules and other documentation for loan acquisitions, securitization, custody, financings, and servicing for Roosevelt and Rushmore.


  • Solid understanding of the residential mortgage industry, with an emphasis on contracts for purchases, servicing, financings and securitizations

  • Strong leadership skills to motivate parties to meet deadlines while maintaining the client relationship

  • Proven ability to assess the financial and credit viability of transactions to protect organization from potential pitfalls

  • Proven ability to delicately balance firm risk with client relations and business development

  • Strong organization, communication, negotiation and time management skills

  • Effective team player

  • Strong work ethic, with ability to handle multiple tasks/projects at the same time

  • Confident professional.


  • BA/BS preferably in economics, business administration, accounting, technology, or finance

  • JD required

  • 5 - 10 years working with in the mortgage or finance industry

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Microsoft Word and Excel

  • PC computer with Windows operating system, facsimile, photocopier

  • Internet research skills


  • Serve as the main point of contact in all transactions

  • Structure vehicles based on asset type, tax implications and other circumstances

  • Providing support to staff to ensure that transactions are performed according to the agreements and timelines

  • Prepare and negotiate documents for MSR acquisitions, loan acquisitions, loan custody, financings and securitizations, servicing and other mortgage related issues for both RMC, Rushmore and 3rd party assets

  • Prepare materials – including closing memos and update matrices identifying relevant provisions

  • Interpret and summarize provisions in negotiated documents and provide to necessary parties

  • Work with both RMC and Rushmore on various transactions as necessary – including individuals in business development, trading, capital markets operations, legal and financial control

  • Structuring vehicles based on asset type, tax implications and other circumstances is also necessary

  • Provide legal and financial advice regarding matters related to asset type, tax implications and other circumstances

  • Perform other related tasks.

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