Durham Technical Community College Position Title: Adjunct Instructor, (Legal Research and Writing), Paralegal Technology in Durham, North Carolina

Job Duties:

• Implement and enforce, when appropriate, college academic policies and procedures together with administrative rules and regulations and other controls intended to maintain order and the highest standards of instruction.

• Maintain and process all office records, grade and enrollment reports, forms, and other paperwork in a timely and efficient manner, checking for the correctness and accuracy of all data.

• Utilize effective instructional technology to deliver curricular content in non-traditional formats (i.e. online, hybrid, etc.) and to supplement the delivery of content through traditional means.

(List specific job duties)

• Teach Paralegal Technology course as determined by the terms of the employment contract, the program directors semester staffing plans, program and course specific needs, and the general needs of the college, and teaching load guidelines.

• Provide quality instruction at all times by being well prepared for each class, and teaching classes for the entire class period.

• Provide comprehensive coverage of course materials and course competencies as specified in course outlines.

• Preparing objectives, assignments, grading standards, attendance policies and course syllabi to be distributed at first class meeting.

• Provide supervisor with syllabi containing course objectives and outlines for course coverage

• Keep accurate attendance and grade records

• Enter and submit attendance reports, final grades and other reports on time, and in the manner directed.

• Use various, innovative teaching techniques as needed

• Use various instructional, computer, and distance learning technologies (e.g., Sakai, FastCase) to provide contemporary presentation of course material where appropriate.

• Provide students with positive, constructive feedback during class interactions and on assignments and tests.

• Return assignments and tests in a timely manner.

• Return student emails within 24 hours or less whenever possible.

• Make suggestions to supervisor regarding textbooks, software, instructional materials, supplies and/or equipment needs.

• Stay informed about current legal events and changes in law and procedure affecting civil litigation practice. And when appropriate, adapt changes into the course instruction.

• Teach assigned courses with special attention to the college’s mission, its commitment to the open door philosophy, and student success.

Minimum Qualifications:

Instructor should have earned either a Paralegal Studies degree or a Juris Doctorate degree.

Instructors with a Paralegal Studies degree should have graduated from a paralegal studies program approved by the American Bar Association, or by the appropriate administrative agency in the state where the Paralegal Studies program is located, and have attained the status of “Certified Paralegal” by the N.C. State Bar or from a nationally recognized association such as the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

Work Experience:

Instructor should have:

· extensive understanding and knowledge of NC state and federal legal systems, sources of law, and the techniques and methods used in legal research and writing

· previous experience in college instruction, teaching legal specialty classes

· previous work experience that includes legal research and/or writing

Job Type: Adjunct Faculty

FLSA: Non-Exempt