Simon Property Group Paralegal - Legal Leasing in Indianapolis, Indiana

Paralegal - Legal Leasing

Location:*Indianapolis Home Office

City:Indianapolis, IN




The Legal Leasing Paralegal is responsible for drafting, negotiation and processing lease amendments and related documents accurately and in accordance with corporate/departmental guidelines. As a key member of the Divisional Team, the Paralegal is responsible for assisting designated Attorneys in all aspects of the processing of lease documents from inception through completion and execution. Additional duties of the Legal Leasing Paralegal include the primary responsibility for various research projects and, under the guidance and at the direction of the designated Attorney, Assistant Director, Director or Vice President, Managing Counsel, providing information and guidance to Leasing, other departments within the Company and fellow members of the Legal Leasing Department. The Legal Leasing Paralegal is required to take a professional, “customer service” approach toward the completion of all required duties/tasks.


The successful candidate’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

Prepare and Negotiate lease-related documents including but not limited to:

  • Lease Amendments

  • Assignments

  • Landlord's Waiver and Consent Agreements

  • Agreements Canceling Lease

  • Letter Agreements

  • Research prior tenant leases and/or existing tenant templates;

  • Utilize the Tenant Strategy Icon to identify key items regarding specific centers;

  • Provide thoughtful business minded guidance to Leasing regarding the economic impact of conforming Issues and tenant requests, identify and clarify economic terms and general business issues;

  • Perform/coordinate follow-up on workload to solicit timely responses from tenants;

  • Review tenant comments and provide guidance to Leasing concerning the legal and business issues raised by such comments;

  • Prepare timely and accurate entries into the change log system regarding issues to be addressed, noting those items requiring further DVP, EVP, CEO and/or Partner approval; and

  • Perform timely follow-up with Leasing Agents to ensure proper SSLE data entry/changes and timely responses to change logs.

Resolve and/or escalate issues with SSLE, Leasing and Tenants to Assistant Director or Director as needed while taking a thoughtful and business oriented approach issues within the business directives of the company to reach a beneficial resolution to the completion of lease documents and maximizing Landlord revenue and protection.

Coordinate (with Attorneys' assistance) internal and external communication between all parties in the lease negotiation process (Leasing, Lease Services, Legal Leasing, Tenant Coordination, the tenant and others as required), to include generally:

  • Work closely with the individual Tenant Coordinators to prioritize deals and ensure RCDs are met;

  • Assist in evaluating the potential impact of an anticipated event (e.g., department store closing, relocation, etc.) on a center and the portfolio;

  • Prepare and communicate escalation items throughout the negotiation process to facilitate complete and prompt resolution of issues which require additional levels of review;

  • Respond to inquiries regarding the status of documents tracked through SSLE and related systems;

  • Adhere to the highest ethical and fiduciary legal obligations when providing any and all of the foregoing communication, guidance and assistance to protect the interests of the company, and

  • Attend any and all Regional Meetings and related functions, providing current status reports for all in-process transactions within your workload and offering strategies and solutions for the expedient completion of same.

Manage the lease execution process (with Attorneys' assistance):

  • Adhere to all departmental policies regarding self-managementand utilize all tools made available to assist in the management of your workload, including the timely and routine maintenance of allchecklists, milestones, log entries and related reporting requirements;

  • Reconcile the Deal Information contained in SSLE with the terms in the executed lease or ancillary document and ensure the Deal Information is accurate prior to initiating the re-approval process;

  • Coordinate obtaining the landlord signature with Leasing Services;

  • Return leases to tenant immediately upon full execution;

  • Forward leases and other necessary documentation to the lease file;

  • Utilize TAP for preparation of all legal documents; and

  • Timely deliver all lease documents for proper filing and retention.

Manage Research and Analysis projects:

  • Analyze leases and related documents, verifying the terms set forth therein and prepare a summary of such analysis which provides direction/recommendation with regard to the stated purpose(s) of the research project;

  • Review leases and related documents to make sure the document and SSLE accurately reflect the business terms negotiated, and

  • Research and interpret lease language as requested by various departments, including but not limited to Lease Accounting, Collections and Mall Management.

Work with Leasing and Lease Services to resolve issues regarding SSLE.

Other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum of 2 years applicable legal experience preferred, but not required.

  • Paralegal Certificate or degree required.

  • Real Estate/Retail experience preferred, but not required.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word.

  • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills

  • Demonstrated ability to interact at a professional level with all forms of communication.

  • Ability to take initiative and to work independently.

  • Strong writing skills.