UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, THE Assistant/Associate University Counsel in Memphis, Tennessee

Duties and ResponsibilitiesPerforms responsible legal work involving representation and the provision of advice on legal matters affecting the University including, but not limited to, policies, procedures, rules and regulations, and laws pertaining to students and employees, real estate transactions, contracts and grants, tax matters, worker's compensation, liability and insurance matters, intellectual property, affirmative action, athletic compliance and other laws and regulations.Duties and ResponsibilitiesPartners with relevant business partners on complex issues to develop and implement solutions, resources, and compliance.Duties and ResponsibilitiesDevelops and conducts training seminars on legal issues affecting higher education for the University community.Duties and ResponsibilitiesDevelops, advises on and/or reviews University policies and procedures, guidelines, bylaws and prepares, negotiates and approves contracts and other documents in conformance with applicable State and federal laws and regulations.Duties and ResponsibilitiesRepresents and provides legal advice and counsel to the University in internal and external administrative hearings required by State law and in court proceedings as delegated by the Office of the Attorney General.Duties and ResponsibilitiesCoordinates and manages litigation handled by the claims commission and Tennessee Attorney General.Duties and ResponsibilitiesEscalates issues, as appropriate, to the Deputy General Counsel, and partners collaboratively to identify issues and share potential concerns and ideas with Legal team members.Duties and ResponsibilitiesPerforms other duties as assigned.