The Law Society of Upper Canada Assistant Manager, Complaints & Compliance, Client Service Centre, Corporate Services in Toronto, Ontario


The Assistant Manager, Complaints & Compliance oversees staff in the accurate, timely and efficient intake, screening and routing of complaints, as well as the resolution of certain categories of complaints, and the disposition of complaints that fall outside the jurisdiction of the Law Society. Provides guidance and support to staff administering licensee and non-licensee requirements mandated under the Law Society Act and the Law Society by-laws relating to mobility permits and licensing applications, foreign legal consultant permits, and multi-discipline partnerships and affiliations. In addition, acts as a legal resource to all staff in the Complaints & Compliance department, and in the Client Service Centre, to assist in providing quality service to all clients in regulating the legal professions in Ontario.


  • An LLB or JD, plus a Class L1 licence with the Law Society of Upper Canada*.

  • A minimum of 7 to 10 years of legal or regulatory experience, including practical legal experience and a level of knowledge of legal practice. Up to 5 years of experience should be in a leadership role, providing guidance and mentorship and contributing to human resources decisions regarding professional and support staff. Customer service experience is preferred.

  • Knowledge of the Law Society, including organizational structure, services, mandate, rules, regulations, By-Laws and its complaints process.

  • Solid legal knowledge with respect to civil litigation, business associations, family, criminal, real estate, estates, corporate or other areas of practice.

  • Knowledge of current trends and developments in the legal profession and their practical application.

  • Solid understanding of best practices with respect to employee relations, client service management processes, process design and financial/accounting resources.

  • Current awareness and training in alternative dispute resolution.

  • Proficiency in word processing and data base applications, e mail, and the internet/intranets.

  • Superior analytical skills to interpret and reason through complex information.

  • Expressive and persuasive in both spoken and written language for individual and / or group situations.

*By submitting your application for employment, you agree to a Clearance Check of your regulatory history, and to the use of this information to determine suitability for employment at the Law Society.

Client/Customer Service Planning

  • Together with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance, formulates procedures and criteria for the screening and routing of complaints to the appropriate persons, departments or other organizations.

  • Oversees file preparation and makes determinations regarding the appropriate routing / disposition of most complaints, escalating only the most complex complaints requiring the attention of the Manager.

  • In addition, and also working closely with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance, oversees department processes including those related to multi-discipline partnerships, affiliations, foreign legal consultants, mobility and licence surrender.

  • Together with staff, resolves complaints within the jurisdiction of Complaints & Compliance and oversees the disposition of non-jurisdictional complaints in support of the mandate of the organization and its goals of client service.

  • Consults with various departments in the Corporate Services division and the Professional Regulation division, and other Law Society divisions as necessary to ensure consistency of approach in identifying regulatory issues, and as required, represents the Manager to other departments, divisions and the public.

  • Ensures that templates are changed as needed and ensures consistency in decisions made by Law Clerks.

Client/Customer Service Delivery

  • Working closely with the Manager, oversees the initial evaluation, screening, routing, and disposition of a large number of complaints and applications received.

  • Ensures an appropriate level of discernment and decision-making is brought to the determination of appropriate responses to complaints and the administration of applications.

  • Advises Complaints & Compliance staff regarding difficult and complex issues relating to complaints, applications, and general inquiries.

  • Makes independent assessment of and resolves or disposes of escalated issues and inquiries.

  • Conducts first-level review and screening of good-character issues for applicants and authorizes opening of files with respect to good-character issues.

  • Ensues that employees are appropriately coached, supported and/or trained in effective client service behaviours.

People Leadership

  • Hires, trains, develops and evaluates employees accountable to the Assistant Manager in accordance with Law Society policies and Human Resources best practices.

  • Oversees the coordination of work assignments to staff in Complaints & Compliance and together with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance, ensures that results are timely and consistent with service standards.

  • Develops, and ensures adherence to, processes related to the accuracy, currency, integrity and security of information.

  • Fosters a positive working environment by clarifying goals, building the commitment of individuals, strengthening the group’s collective skills and encouraging creativity, problem solving and appropriate alternative dispute resolution.

  • Promotes a team environment by role modeling leadership behaviour, empowering employees and building team capacity.

Financial Responsibility

  • Assists the Manager in developing and monitoring the operating budget, and requisitions supplies and materials as required by the department, with signing authority up to $3,000.

Performance Goals, Targets and Standards

  • Together with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance, establishes processes/vehicles for ongoing guidance and knowledge transfer, evaluates processes, and facilitates ongoing learning on various legal subjects to employees through the development of training programs and procedures.

  • Establishes and monitors performance goals, targets and standards within the department.

  • Manages own caseload, and ensures that caseload of staff is manageable.

  • Responds to escalated issues, and consults with the Law Clerks about new files and matches, new applications, and general inquiries.

  • Contributes to the ongoing improvement of processes and other issues dealt with by Complaints & Compliance and the Client Service Centre (CSC).

Policy Development

  • In collaboration with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance, identifies emerging issues related to department processes.

  • Identifies, drafts and recommends policies and other initiatives to address these issues.

  • Prepares legal research, reports and analysis in support of policy development, as assigned by the Manager.

Team Membership

  • Acts as a legal expert in Complaints & Compliance ensuring a consistent, timely and efficient approach to evaluation, routing, resolution and disposition of complaints, applications, and inquiries, and ensures an appropriate escalation of issues for the attention of the Manager.

  • Functions as a legal resource to staff in the CSC in responding to a variety of client requests for legal-specific information, and to promote the transfer of knowledge to the CSC and its staff.

  • Works closely with the Manager, Complaints & Compliance and other CSC Managers and specialists, and with representatives of other Law Society departments and divisions to ensure quality in the delivery of services.

  • Maintains current knowledge of the Law Society’s regulatory procedures.

Service Orientation

  • The requirement to maintain a high standard of commitment, ethics, respect, care in service delivery to clients (internal and/or external).

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • The requirement to structure and deliver effective verbal and written communication with clients, staff, licensees, the public, and others in a non-threatening and constructive way.

Team Orientation

  • The requirement to share responsibility for the achievement of team goals and the associated behaviours required for individuals to contribute effectively in a team environment.

Continuous Improvement

  • The requirement to demonstrate an attitude that consistently strives to improve a standard of excellence for one’s self and for the benefit of the organization, its licensees and stakeholders.

Problem Solving and Judgement

  • The requirement to identify and analyze problems, determine root causes, evaluate alternative solutions and take and/or recommend appropriate solutions.

Technical Competence / Professional Knowledge

  • The requirement to apply knowledge and skills to carry out the work and/or provide advice. This also includes the quality of advice given, as well as the requirement to make decisions in the best interests of the organization as a whole.

Embracing Change

  • The requirement to work towards and embrace change in the workplace.

People Leadership

  • The requirement to behave with integrity, credibility and honesty when dealing with others, as well as the requirement to grow and develop employee capabilities.

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