State of Georgia DAS-Adjudicator II- STN MTN- Dalton-Athens-Thomasville-Savannah in Dekalb, Georgia

Adjudicator II

Job Code: LEP011

Pay Grade: I

Program: DAS

Department: Claims Processing

Report To: Adjudicator Supervisor

Hours of Work: 40

Position Overview:


Disability Adjudication Services (DAS) makes Social Security disability determinations under an agreement with the Social Security Administration. Provides professional disability adjudication for Social Security Administration disability applicants. Independently makes eligibility determinations on all types of disability claims involving all categories of disabilities; and performs other duties as required. The main DAS office is in Stone Mountain with branch offices located in Athens, Dalton, Thomasville and Savannah. The position filled through this announcement will be a member of the Claims Processing team and will be based in Stone Mountain, Athens, Dalton, Thomasville or Savannah, Georgia.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

Under general supervision provides professional adjudication of Social Security Administration disability claims. Develops and adjudicates decisions for initial claims for Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income disability benefits in accordance with federal and state laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Defines the scope of information pertinent to and supporting the application for benefits and develops a strategy to obtain information. Reads and analyzes medical information and evidence received, compares objective medical findings from differing medical sources. Applies judgment to ascertain the existence, nature, and severity of the impairment or impairments. Evaluates statements, claims and evidence for sufficiency, consistency, validity and credibility. Researches medical and vocational issues through the use of written policy and instructional material or consults medical, vocational or other specialists concerning specific issues of the claim. Determines eligibility for disability benefits by preparing a formal determination including completion of forms and an explanation of the determination. Determines the type of documents necessary to support a decision. Using a legal framework, establishes pertinent findings of fact and uses those to rationalize and explain disability decisions. Incorporates new material and updates knowledge of program standards as a result of reading, feedback and training.

  • Review initial, reconsideration and continuing disability review claims and applications

  • Request additional information from applicant and review data to see if it fits within the scope of the disability program

  • Analyze data including diagnostic and assessment tests

  • Contact doctors, psychologists, and other health care professionals to obtain information

  • Evaluate occupational information to assess claimants' work potential; explain program eligibility and interpret medical and vocational information

  • Compose technical explanations of decisions

  • Keep current on changes in federal rules and regulations

Successful Competencies:

  • Accountability - Being accountable and passing on accountability for one's own actions. Adheres to deadlines and appointments; Transparent when he/she anticipates problems or errors; Delivers work on time and as agreed; Takes responsibility for mistakes.

  • Critical Thinking - A bility to identify an issue, dilemma, or problem; Frame it as a specific question; Explore and evaluate information relevant to the question; and Integrate the information into development of a resolution. Uses knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, syntheses, and evaluation as steps in this process.

  • Judgement and Decision Making – Ability to make active decisions. Makes decisions authoritatively and wisely, after adequately contemplating various available courses of action; Considers alternative available actions, resources, and constraints before selecting a method for accomplishing a task or project; Refrains from “jumping to conclusions” based on no, or minimal, evidence; Takes time to collect facts before decision-making; Considers the long-term as well as immediate short-term outcomes and actions; Recognizes when to escalate appropriate or specific situations to the next higher level of expertise.

  • Focus on Quality – Setting high quality standards and striving for continuous improvement and quality assurance.

  • Initiative - Ability to recognize and create opportunities and to act accordingly. A dopts a proactive attitude as opposed to waiting to be asked; Creates and uses opportunities.

  • Problem Solving/Analysis - Ability to detect problems, recognize important information, and link various data; Trace potential causes and look for relevant details; Distinguishes essentials from side-issues; Works and thinks at a level appropriate to his/her position; Sees connections between different problems; Not satisfied with incomplete information; Wants to find out more.

Background Check Information:

As a condition of employment with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, you must successfully complete a mandatory federal and national background check, Pre-employment testing, and additional checks required for your job. In addition, employment with DAS is contingent upon meeting the requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12.

Working Conditions:

The position involves managing a high volume workload and demands a high level of accuracy while working with short deadlines affecting a claimant population in need of monetary and medical assistance. Regular attendance is an important part of being successful in this position. Work is performed in an office environment. Strong computer skills are needed due to ongoing changes to applications that affect the way the work is performed.

Probationary Period:

This job has an initial probationary period of one (1) year.

Additional Information:

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Bachelor's degree in a related area from an accredited college or university AND Two years of experience interpreting and applying laws regarding program eligibility OR Four years of experience interpreting and applying laws regarding program eligibility OR Two years of experience required at the lower level Adjudicator 1 (LEP010) or position equivalent.

Job: *Legal

Organization: *GA Vocational Rehabilitation

Title: DAS-Adjudicator II- STN MTN- Dalton-Athens-Thomasville-Savannah

Location: GA-Dekalb-Stone Mountain

Requisition ID: LEG00HR

Other Locations: GA-Whitfield-Dalton, GA-Chatham-Savannah, GA-Clarke-Athens, GA-Thomas-Thomasville